I dedicate this note to all my friends in the Call Center Industry.

–first posted in Multiply last September 21, 2008– 

Waiting, wondering, and wavering between neverland and ecstasy—that’s how it feels like in my career in this season. I feel like my current work in Customer Service is not yet the final destination of my career but going through this stage is a necessary step in the process of getting transformed towards realizing my goals.

Talking to various people with different personalities and concerns over the phone eight hours a day every day can be stressful and exasperating at times. There are days when I drag my feet to work because I need to make ends meet for my family. But I strongly believe that this is helping me in many ways through the path of “growing into my destiny.”

between neverland and ecstasy

Here are two life-skills this job is teaching me:

  • Serving as a Customer Service Professional enhances my listening, speaking and relational skills with people from within and outside the office
  • Even my writing skill is put to good use as I exchange email business correspondences, and keeping in touch with friends outside work.

These benefits motivate me while persevering in the interim period of my career. I know that I need to develop these skills because they’re essential for me to achieve either one of my two dream jobs someday: a Motivational Speaker to the corporate world or a Missionary who shares the Gospel to different nations.

They say if you love what you’re doing, it’s no longer called work.

Work can either be hard work or fun or a combination of both in a given period, depending on your chosen profession. But I believe it can be a blessing and be transformed to pure bliss too depending on your attitude. So I’m currently working on that aspect – keeping my attitude right so when the time comes, I’ll be ready to take on new challenges.

Meantime, I’m making the best of what I have and where I am between neverland and ecstasy, while asking God to give me eternal perspective of my current life mission.


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