Written last April 1, 2005 for Every Nation Leadership Institute (ENLI) 12th Commencement Exercise at VLI (now called Every Nation), The Fort. I got 2 medals. 1.) Gold Medal for Academic Excellence 2.) Fishers of Men Award

Pastor Winston Reyes edited this speech. Pastor Michael was surprised, my D12 Leader because I didn’t tell him I’ll be giving this speech. Pastor Joey Bonifacio went to my seat and congratulated me after the graduation for this speech.


Pastors, teachers, classmates, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, ladies and gentlemen–good evening to you all! Tonight we celebrate the commencement of our victorious ENLI students. I’m so glad being here with you sharing the joy and prestige of this momentous event.

It’s been several years now after I got born again. When I was in high school, I was too idealistic; I thought I could change the world. When I became a Christian, I became more convinced that it’s indeed possible–one soul at a time. It’s because God has touched my heart, therefore I can touch a life.

Being a Christian did not solve all my problems in life. Being a Christian gave me a new perspective, a window with which I see the world. It changed the way I look at myself, others and life in general.

God gave me a new meaning. As I grew more mature in my Christian walk, my old self starts to resurrect, past issues began to haunt me and for the life of me, my whole new world threatens to turn upside down.

Then I started taking classes for ENLI. The biblical truths I knew beforehand took on fresh meaning. I got fascinated by new revelation of facts and figures I’ve discovered about the giants of faith who have gone ahead of me in this race.

My soul gets strengthened within me each time I attend class because it often happens that the lesson being taught at that time is exactly what I need to keep my faith strong on that particular week.

My being an ENLI student has made a lot of difference. The curriculum not only taught me how to view life and culture through Gods eyes but I also learned how to be a contagious Christian yet at the same time socially-relevant. I learned to work with passion for excellence because we serve an excellent God.

I became faithful to Children’s Church ministry in Victory Quezon City. I learned to be a good steward of my family. You see, I am the eldest among five siblings and my mother left us after my father died. ENLI has taught me to act as a responsible mother-father figure especially to my youngest sister who is now in Grade 3. I also learned to be vigilant in overcoming the schemes of the devil.

It’s amazing how ENLI can ignite your faith and keep it burning until it influences everything and everyone around you. The significance of ENLI is that it takes you to a higher level of God’s calling in your life and launches you to collide with your destiny.

I believe that the measure of one’s impact to society is directly proportionate to the intensity of impact God has made in his life. Until a man’s heart, mind, and will are fully ruled by God, he cannot conquer spiritual territories as well.

So let’s not hold back in asking more of God’s love and power to be upon us daily because He gives without finding fault. We need to ask more of God’s grace until our every conversation, character and conviction have a touch of God in them.

That is what we need in order to fulfill our mandate…can we say this all together now? “To honor God and advance His kingdom by making disciples, training leaders and planting churches in the Philippines, Asia and the world.”

May the unquenchable fire of God’s love burn in our hearts forever!


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