[for Richard Lee-an old poem I gave him as a post-birthday present]

Written by: Adrian Diente Pantonial, 12:25am, 30 August 2002

Si Richard a.k.a. “Chad” ay dati kong Victory Group Leader sa Victory U.P. Campus Q.C. church simula 2001 hanggang 2003 (nung sila ay magpakasal ni Brenda, kung kelan din ipinagkatiwala niya sa amin ang pamumuno sa maiiwan nyang Victory Group members).

Photo from www.huffingtonpost.com

Hindi sapat ang pasasalamat lamang para sa lahat ng mga aral, moral support, prayers and friendship throughout these years na ibinahagi nya/nila ni Brenda) sa akin. He has been one of my few best friends who have been with me in my darkest hours of personal, career, family and spiritual problems.

Madalas kong sabihin sa mga naging SG members ko dati sa Q.C. at maging sa mga SG members ko ngayon sa Victory Metro East na isa si Chad sa mga unang tao who truly believed in me, boosted my self-confidence and faith in God, equipped & empowered me to jumpstart my growing Christian walk then launched me into the destiny God has for me.

I will be forever grateful to this guy all my life. “THANK YOU, Chad, for everything, for about 8 years of friendship (and still counting). I will always remember your family in my prayers.”

I know that you know that you desire to be great
To be great in encouraging and building up people’s faith
Faith is what you’ve got and you have it so great
Great is what you are in molding our faith

Just in case you don’t know this—I want you to know
Know that I owe you so much of what I now know
Know that you have been a huge blessing from above
Above all, know that you’re a strong channel of God’s love

You know, it’s hard to just say THANK YOU
You know, I’m so blessed having known you
You know, how greatly I admire you
You know, God is pleased that He created you

Brother, you are truly like no other
Other people would just won’t bother
Bother to care and give what other people need
Need to know where their life may lead

You’ve been impacting our lives in a special way
A special way more than any words could ever say
Say more words of wisdom and life we would hear
Hear also that you’re being prayed for so dear

A mere THANK YOU would never be enough
So I pray, may God bless you always—more than enough.


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