By: Adrian Diente Pantonial

We know the Law of Gravity
but what about Love’s?

How do you know it’s love?
You don’t know it, you feel it.

You don’t play with I-love-you’s
‘coz it’s a delicate thing.
As delicate as giving one’s life
or taking it.
As delicate as building a dream
or breaking it.
As delicate as making history
or repeating it.

Love is the force pulling you to its very core.
And when you’re down only then can you fall.

Love is not only a beautiful thing…
it is everywhere and in anything.
The how’s of love does not question
‘coz it answers for itself a conclusion.
Conclusion that could lead anywhere,
Whose end is everywhere and whatever you want it to be.

Everything comes close to love
like the pull of the moon with the sea tides.

Love has no definite gravity…
It only loves…just love.


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