Praying for Illumination.jpg

Lord of all creations, God of all I am and all I hope to be,
here I am returning to where I first began
in my journey to the fullness of life.

From where I’m at, I see only confounded destinations,
patches of pastel colors in often gloomy lights
of shattered dreams and frail expectations.

This misty-eyed, tormented guy
Hesitantly facing a broken mirror
is still striving to get through another day.

Lord of new beginnings, God of everywhere and everything,
I yield to you in desperate quest for direction and meaning.
Grant me wisdom to compensate my lack of understanding

for Your will in my life and Your grand plans,
for Your glorious name’s sake I plead
and for the sake of humanity waiting

for the revelation of who I can become in Your appointed time.
God, please enlighten me. Redeem my past. Carry me through…
Through the storms, through the fire, through the pain.

Help me to love the ways and things you love
and to hate what You hate, Lord.
Control my mind and direct my heart into what You think is best.


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