Dear Single,

Seek not your heart’s content but seek God’s heart. The heart is deceptive so don’t follow it all the time. There are right desires and wrong ones. Right ones bring you wholeness. Wrong ones bring brokenness.

When your passions are not controlled, they lead you to the wrong things and wrong people. When your passions are guided, they lead you to God’s ways no matter how difficult.


When you feel insignificant, remember JESUS died for you. You are special to God. When you feel insecure, rest in God’s unfailing love; there’s no substitute for that. God has put desires in your heart to launch you to a lifelong quest–the quest for intimacy with Christ.

God orchestrates the events, the ups and downs, every twists and turns to make you fully aware of how you need Him so. God has purposes for those desires not to be used for the wrong reasons but for you to live a fruitful single life.

Through God’s perfect timing, He wants you to wait. Through trials and pains, He shows you the way. Through His word, He implants the truths you need.

And though your solitary life may seem like a roller-coaster ride, and sometimes, one long and bumpy journey; sometimes like a maze, a matter of trial and error–the pursuit of a lifetime partner is not a journey to forever.

Somewhere, there’s a place for you. Somehow, someone waits for you. So keep your hopes up–keep living for God’s glory…and don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

Waiting on God,


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