-first posted in my Multiply last March 21, 2007-

I believe in the power of writing one’s goals whether that be short-term or for lifetime. I used to make my Faith Goals annually [instead of New Year’s Resolution] but when I started creating this list, I had a difficult time  putting my (hopefully) lifetime achievements in writing.

These goals may change down the road as I evolve to become the best I can be with my decisions and life choices. [This list has been and will be modified along the way.]


italics = in progress

crossed out = completed


1.) Travel to different places: Australia, Japan, U.S.A., Korea etc.

2.) Build my dream house at an exclusive village.

3.) Own a car that can contain my whole family.

4.) Manage my own Christian bookstore and/or business franchise (like Jollibee, 7-Eleven & the likes).

5.) Get married around the age of 30.

6.) Publish my own best-selling book including my lifetime poetry collection.

7.) Be a part of the Philippines/world history – Partially done as I became part of a Guinness Record when we sang Amazing Grace in forty-nine languages at EN2010 Conference. (Updated 12.13.2010)

– Singer-Musician-Book Author, Jim Paredes, retweeted my blog post “Pinoys Praised for Resilience Amid Super Typhoon Haiyan” on the supposed “CNN Heartfelt Comment on the Update of Super Typhoon Yolanda.” I had many retweets from complete strangers too. And it’s GOING VIRAL ONLINE TODAY. (Updated 11.09.2013)

8.) Create the soundtrack of my life containing some of my favorite & unforgettable songs from various artists.

9.) Write my own autobiography.

10.) Be a Life Coach to leaders within/outside the church/neighborhood. By God’s grace, I have mentored some single guys in church through Victory Groups who have gone to greater heights in their career and has gone the next level in their married life.

I still am a Victory Group Leader until now since 2003. (Updated 12.26.2011)

11.) Learn to ride a bike.

12.) Serve God in my lifetime.

13.) Sing excellently in a live audience of 100 or more (with orchestra!).

14.) Display a winsome humor and contagious wit consistently. I will continually be exerting an effort doing this because I’m normally melancholic, contemplative and I can be boring and even dead serious sometimes. LOL!

I’ve observe that we’re drawn faster to people who can make people laugh. Not only that, it’s worth doing it because laughter is the best medicine. (Updated 12.13.2010)

15.) Help someone outside my immediate family to finish school through a foundation.

16.) Have my own clothing boutique for Men & Women to be managed with my (future) wife.

17.) Learn to play a musical instrument keyboard/piano, flute.

18.) Win in a Literary/Poetry contest.

19.) Compose songs that will live on even after I’m gone.

20.) Build a Christian school.

21.) Make photography a hobby and have an exhibit of my best photos. When I first wrote this goal few years ago, I didn’t have my own camera yet. Sometime later, I had my first camera (AIPTEK with video mode), then I had SONY DSC W150, now I have a Nikon D3000 and I hope to buy a better lens soon. I originally wanted a Nikon D90 but since I can’t afford it yet, I just settled on this one since I’m still new in DSLR photography anyway.

I’m currently compiling my photos in Multiply and Facebook. (Updated 12.13.2010)

22.) Leave meaningful, funny, & exciting memories behind that’ll make people ponder on and miss me more.

23.) Learn to cook/make delicious dishes & desserts.

24.) Take up extreme sports.

25.) Make someone else’s dream come true.

26.) Be/provide an answer to someone’s prayer.

27.) Save a life.

28.) Have my own computer with fast internet connection and printer with Adobe Photoshop.

29.) Raise up a family of leaders with my (future) wife.

30.) Make some of my mother’s dreams come true.So far, I have bought her a Brother electronic sewing machine, a double-deck bed where she sleeps comfortably now. (Updated 12.13.2010)

31.) Gather my past and present close friends and co-workers in a celebration.


Chime in and comment.

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