–from my Friendster blog, written September 1, 2005

I wrote this online at a Jollibee store located at the ground floor of SM Megamall Building B, courtesy of a free access from PLDT at SM Megatrade Hall 3 through Hanapbuhay Kita Atbp. exhibit. This is my first ever online blog post back then.


I saw Kuya Yul earlier at the Jollibee counter which made me reminisce my college days working part-time at Jollibee – Sumulong Hi-way, Antipolo City. That’s where I used to work with him.

He was one of the regular Service Crew who trained me in the dining area. Back then, It was quite difficult for me bringing in the delivery motorcycles during our closing shift because I was very skinny. The first time I tried to do that task, I slid and fell on the floor along with a motorcycle. Good thing nothing was damaged or else I would’ve ended my career prematurely.

It was fun working there, though it was exhausting at times. That was where I learned some important life lessons including responsibility.

I realized now that I was also molded to become a team-player there. I owe it to them that until now, I still like working with teams. I somehow enjoy the competition, controversies, and character refinement that comes with working with different people. 

Looking at the Service Crew members awhile ago, I wished I was young again. But now I can only look back to the good-old days, and maybe sigh in relief to those formative years gone by.

I admire Kuya Yul. He did not allow the competition to drag him in the game of survival of the fittest. He became content where he works. Though he has his own family now, he’s still happily serving his customers with that “Jollibee smile”, maybe disregarding what other people say why he chose to stay in the same career over the years.

I have only been working in a night shift Call Center for over two years now, and yet for me, this work is often so brain-draining and stressful. But then, I could only be bitter or better about whatever I’m going through. I realized that it’s just a matter of perspective after all.

At the moment, I could say that contentment is such an elusive virtue for me.

It’s as if I’m running out of time and I’m still climbing up the corporate ladder, striving ever harder to reach my seemingly sky-high dreams.

When will I ever say enough is enough?


2 thoughts on “To Be Content

  1. hi,

    human as we are we tend to say “enough is not enough”… reality bites, we wanted more.. however, as long as there are people who can live contently and stick to its truest sense, I guess, contentment is just around the corner waiting to be discovered.

    To GOD be the glory till eternity!


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