Price: P 195.00 (US$ 4.76)
Publisher: OMF Literature
ISBN: 978-971-0495-50-4
Pages: 168
Cover: Paperback

I agree with Bob Buford’s introduction describing this whole book [divided in three books with different subtitles] as being one on “middle ground…[having] more answers than Bronson’s lost wanderers [What should I Do With My Life?] and less theological than Warren’s excellent book [The Purpose-Driven Life]. The third book which I bought, focused more on the question: “What’s Next?” In my opinion, he answered that succinctly in this part:

[page130] “Life II can be the richest and best season of a long and extended life. Peter Drucker has written twenty-two of his thirty-four books after the age of sixty. Boone Pickens has made and given away more money after the age sixty-eight than before. And Frances Hesselbein began a new foundation that has attracted 350 top management thought leaders to the nonprofit world in her Life II season.

The pathfinders show us what can be done. In many and diverse ways they show us that the final stage of life goes beyond success to significance and surrender. Beyond self-actualization to self-transcendence…they live on through the parts of themselves that they have given away and surrendered into the lives of others.”

With this book, the author goes against the flow of common belief–or a goal to some–that early retirement is good. To Buford, keeping on doing what one really loves doing–otherwise known as our “calling”–is what “finishing well” actually means.

Reading this through will give you a feel of having lunch date with twenty-four distinguished individuals: mentors, trendsetters and experts in their respective fields. Filled with nuggets of wisdom from transcribed interviews, it’s a real page-turner** if you’re genuinely interested in biography snips and with insatiable desire to know how the biggest names in both non-profit and corporate institutions made their way to the top and stayed there. If you’re impatient to get to the finish line like I am (sometimes), you’ll find the Appendices part equally informative and beneficial as the body of the book because it contains the following:

Appendix I: Cast of Protagonists = summary of life and achievements of his interviewees

Appendix II: The Consequences of Inertia = containing list of books and movies depicting a life contrary to the goal of this writing

Appendix III: Ten Principles for Life II—Peter Drucker = practical wisdom from the Father of Management

Appendix IV: The John 17 Prayer = the author’s personalize paraphrase of the Bible chapter for Men and Women

Buford studied those in golden age well and delivered a book that you can grow old with.

**I finished reading this book yesterday [not in one-sitting though] at St. Luke’s Medical Center while waiting for my mother’s 3rd chemo session.

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