The first-ever book on spirituality that I bought [prior to my religious conversion] that made a whole world of difference in my life.  

My own copy now rests in my bookshelf at home: dog-eared, with many of its pages already taped together and littered with my own annotations. Good thing, the book is still covered by plastic (twice already) to protect it from further damage due to habitual (read: addictive) use.

This book taught me how to appreciate the wisdom that comse with age because I use to avoid-like-plague books written by old authors. Filled with inspiring stories, interesting Bible verses, moving prayers, poetry and prose; backed by well-researched facts and statistics to prove a point–it’ll definitely equip one to grow stronger and wiser through every seasons of life.  

Condensed in 144 readings–each concluded with “Branching out” prompts and specific related-verses, the author empowers the reader to apply the lessons in every creative and meaningful ways.

I discovered it several years back when I was supposed to buy a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul [this book is so much cheaper than the latter]. On hindsight, the act of buying this book was not, after all, a coincidence but divinely-orchestrated.


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