by Adrian Pantonial

I just love reading books written by Philip Yancey. Whenever I read his books, I am challenged intellectually every time, making me use the dictionary along with it.

The way he writes is very journalistic: investigative and edifying. I feel like my money’s worth it when I buy his books. I get a lot of details from various sources, sometimes news and facts from other parts of the globe I’ve never ever been to.  

I like the way he connects the spiritual realm with the secular world. Some spiritual truths that use to be hard to digest make more sense to me that way. In a sense, he makes them more practical and applicable for daily life.

The book is divided into five (5) parts which are further divided into several meaty sections:
Part One—Keeping Company With God
Part Two—Unleashing the Mysteries
Part Three—The Language of Prayer
Part Four—Prayer Dilemmas
Part Five—The Practice of Prayer 
While going through this book, I was also interceding for people’s concerns–those who are closest to me and even those I’m currently reaching out to–hoping that they too would experience the transforming impact of having God alongside this life pilgrimage. With a wealth of quotes and moving stories, this book made me appreciate, in a new light, the habit of praying.


This is a must-have for every believer and those who would like to learn to love the discipline of prayer–because it does make a whole lot of difference in our lives.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Philip Yancey’s “PRAYER-Does It Make Any Difference?”

  1. I already bought a copy of Philip Yancey’s Prayer, but I haven’t started reading it. This year, that book is in the beginning list of my “books to read.”

    Philip Yancey is very provocative in his style. His rendering of the concepts and the way he integrates seemingly unconnected views can really trigger deep and profound thoughts.

    Thanks Adrian, Godbless!


    1. @ Sojourner – I like your observation about Philip Yancey’s writing style, bro. As for me, I’m very impressed with his well-researched and with global perspective writings. His Christian journalist approach to it invites me to travel the world vicariously with him.


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