Movie Review: Contact (1997)

By:  Adrian Pantonial

-This entry was retrieved from my old journal, written March 18, 2002-12:50am

It was a breath-taking film for me. I was filled with awe and amazement when I saw the film on TV tonight. (I remember it was shown on Abs-Cbn’s Million Dollar Movies, Sunday.) It really made me feel good about the fact that I’ve known God in my life–that I didn’t have to go through that expensive, mind-boggling experience as Dr. Ellie (Jodie Foster) did just to prove that (borrowing her own words) “there’s something out there, a higher power, bigger than us…greater than anything we can think of”.

The film also impressed to me that God calls us personally in unique and special ways just to prove that He’s Sovereign and Lord of our lives, that He knows our hearts and hurts, our successes and excesses, our pain and gain. Everything in us He knows it all. I thought God must really be so great in wisdom in creativity because He has created people like us who can create wonderful things like this film. That even if we combine all our talents together all around the globe–we can’t match God’s abilities–because simply put it it, we’re only mere creatures.

This last line really drove home the point of the story, as spoken by Ellie, “Our goal really is one and the same–to know the truth.” If knowing the truth is our goal then obviously we’re looking through many different direction when there’s only one way to know the truth and the Bible says more about Him…

Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)


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