December 9, 2010-Thursday, Around 9pm @ Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

After finishing up on a prior commitment, I met up with a friend, ex-colleague and fellow photography enthusiast, Jonathan Cruz.

It was a bit late at night but it doesn’t seem so in this place where it looked like the night is just starting. There’s lots of people all over and lights all around…this place and the faces of the people seemed all aglow.

I did my best taking these photos but I guess my best wasn’t good enough because I was multi-tasking all the while: catching up stories with an old buddy, exchanging photo tricks here and there, trying to enjoy the scenic ambience, making the best out of this “Nikon” moment (not Kodak) while also considering this dude I’m talking to might get late for his night owl work if we enjoy too much.

We certainly should have another take on this similar episode…but not the good conversation-while-taking photos part because it’s hard to focus. LOL!


Chime in and comment.

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