Have you noticed some coincidences in your life? Do you believe in synchronicity? Or would you rather call it “divine orchestration of events”?

As for me, I believe that there are questions that will be left unanswered while we’re here on earth, that I cannot completely analyze and explain accurately why certain situations happened, nor can anyone predict precisely what will happen in the future.

I can only guess, try a few good interpretations or learn from what has already transpired although more often than not, I can either just be stupefied or awestruck.

If I recall correctly, I’ve gone out to theaters only a few times this year because I’ve been working so hard making a living (Whew!) so now that I’m in the “waiting season,” I spent a good portion of my two consecutive hard-to-get-some-sleep nights (December 26 & 27, 2010) watching movies through our home PC (Thanks to Eric Reyes for the 9 movies, 7 more to go!).

In a rather peculiar pattern of events, I chose to watch “A Home of Our Own” (1993-starring Kathy Bates) last night and then saw “Everybody’s Fine” (2009-starring Robert De Niro) earlier.

Having some kind of melancholic personality, I liked these movies so well that I even shed a tear or two in both. But what interested me the most about these two motion pictures is that they have some common denominators which I’ve observed and here they are in no particular order:

  1. One of the main character does a voice-over narration throughout the film
  2. Both main characters were widowers
  3. Family-oriented
  4. Have characters in the movie taking photos, Old family photos flashing at the end of the movie
  5. Some travelling involved
  6. With a line: “It’s not your fault…”
  7. Depicted light humor
  8. Showed scenes of coming to terms with reality
  9. Tales of survival
  10. Tear-jerker
  11. Encouraging not to give up hope
  12. Have valuable life lessons

After this correlation, it made me think: a.) Is it just me over-analyzing things again? b.) Is God trying to telling me something? c.) (Worst!) Am I already hearing voices in my head due to lack of sleep? d.) None of the above. OR e.) As mentioned, I can just remain stupefied or awestruck.

Whether or not you’ve seen these movies, well, what do you think?


Chime in and comment.

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