by Adrian Pantonial

Printed in Bulaklak Magazine, 2002

Photo by Adrian Pantonial at Village East Clubhouse, Cainta, Rizal-March 1, 2010

My broken soul cries out to You

I surrender all to You

Though countless times I feel unworthy

of the love You’ve given me

and I feel like a candle in the wind

losing my light every now and then


But Lord, Your Holy Spirit moves in me

from my brokenness, You rescued me

whenever I lose control

You are there to light my soul

Though I feel so abandoned and alone

Your right hand, Father leads me home


And I know it’s not that same old silly game

that I would have to go insane

for You are my fortress, my stronghold

You set me free from the things of old


So now I’m walking in the light of Your path

Lord Jesus, You’re in my heart

I’ll give You all that I have

I thank You, Lord, for this love


7 thoughts on “For This Love

  1. Wonderful poem and great blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. If you have a poem you wouldn’t mind being featured on my Poetic License series, please let me know. I have three places left in June of this year. July through December is wide open!


  2. This is a great poem! Plus, the photo you got there reminds me of my province, the clear skies and the trees. Have to say that I’m encourage to write more poems 🙂


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