By: Adrian Pantonial 

Let’s gather all our thoughts here…where it should be safe and productive for the good of all.

Let’s gather them like stones from every part of our world with different sizes, weights, texture, color and most of all…significance.

Shall we put them in a box? In a baggage? Or in the shelves, inside the house, or out in an open space?

Shall we arrange them in order or just let them scatter and fill the entire area that you can hardly breathe?

Imagine how heavy they could be and how much time and space they could consume…

Will it make any sense? We seldom think twice about the words we say every minute of the day.

We just let them out from our big mouths like stones from everywhere thrown into the air.

Finally, we hardly have time to think properly. After awhile, we’re all fed-up, tired, used-up and by the end of the day, we hardly have any words left to say.

And then tomorrow will only be another day of gathering and throwing stones to make or be the mess. To stop and think about it first or just let it all out…blow it all up?

Will you be empty or full? What would you be…today?


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