By Adrian Pantonial 

Below is a list of some text messages (SMS) I wrote and sent to friends in the past. I stumbled upon them today after visiting one of my old journals.

I thought of sharing them with you all thinking it may give you an idea to make some of your own for your loved ones especially on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries etc.).

Text messages are not like greeting cards or letters that people have to keep and file somewhere in their homes or offices. They can carry these text messages of love and inspiration (or even funny thoughts) with them on their mobile phones to perk them up every day. 

1.) God leads us to different seasons to renew our faith and refresh our souls. I’m glad where I am now for I know the Lord lead me here in a brave new world!

2.) As I look back in my young life with the times I spent with you, friend, I feel at once enriched and undeserving having you my friend. Enjoy your day full of God’s grace and love!

3.) Today I woke up from deep slumber and it feels so good to wake up in a beautiful world having a wonderful friend like you. God bless your day!

4.) It’s liberating to be greeted by the great rushing waves of the ocean today. In the same spirit, may God’s great love rush to you and sweep you away all through the day!

5.) Life is full of surprises. One of which came my way and I feel so blessed indeed having YOU as a special surprise in my life. May our good Lord surprise you too with something special that you need today!

6.) The beauty of each new morning lies in the truth of God’s unfailing and unconditional love for us. Today, may you experience that love in fresh and mighty ways!

I love keeping some of the best text messages from my contacts so I can forward them to others to bless them or cheer them up when a situation necessitates it. Most of the time, it does not require much to make someone’s day awesome.

Come on! Join the fun and spread some love!


8 thoughts on “Spread Some Love and Inspiration!

  1. when i checked all the sent messages to my girlfriend i found that i really know how to write, and i also found some messages…hmm…i’m wondering if i was drunk or something…
    About forwarding…i got one day a nice message…i kept it and after one year, same celebration i forward it…unfortunately to the person who sent it to me also :). And one other funny situation. I sent a nice message to a friend and i got it back from a mutual friend :). Life is full of surprises:)
    Peace! C.


  2. Hi, Adrian. Thank you for the very kind comment you left at my site. It’s so nice to meet you. This is a great idea! What a good way to spread joy and love to other people. I’m sort of a weirdo in that I don’t have a cell or text message (though maybe I will eventually), but I can do this through e-mail or other ways. I will also send your link to some friends who will enjoy this, too.

    Number 4 might be my favorite one. But I love them all. Thank you for the inspiration.


    1. Hey Julie. Thanks for your nice comment and sending my link to your friends. I appreciate your kind effort.

      An established writer like you really ought to have a mobile phone to keep you well-connected with current and future business contacts, just a suggesting. 🙂

      Enjoy your day!


  3. In this modern, digital world, I find text messages as a more “personalized” form of messaging per se, in contrast to “tweets” or “status updates” especially if the sms is directly addressed to me. I compare it to a message sent directly to my personal e-mail. Nice article!


    1. I agree with you, Eric. I like SMS that are personally addressed to me and not just forwarded to many. But even if so, I still appreciate the thought of my being included in the loop. It’s the thought that counts. 🙂


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