Time is platinum. It’s our most precious possession that we can either use wisely or lose unawares. We’re all given the same 24 hours a day, but we all use them differently. I’m sure you’ve already found yourself stuck at home. Those times like when you’re waiting for the next job or project. Or for one odd reason or another, you’re just left thinking what to do.

Sometimes, doing nothing is not fun at all.

young man in grey slouse leaning on table, white background, series

Here are some worthwhile suggestions that may help you get out of that bad spell called boredom:

1.) Surf the net. There are just so many places to visit online. Besides going to your favorite social network (mine is Facebook), try to use this time wisely by visiting websites related to your hobby. (see item# 10 below). Save those sites on your browser’s favorites, or bookmark them so you can frequently improve your craft. What will you do if you don’t have internet at home? Read on.

2.) Do some household chores. If you’re a workaholic who spends too much of your time in the office or out for field work, this could be something you might somehow enjoy doing, if you’re not used to doing it every day. Do the dishes. Clean the bathroom. Cook some food for your family.

3.) Watch a movie with your loved one/s. Rent a DVD from a video store, if you still have that in your community. It could be a funny or a heartwarming film where you all can learn from, and not just be entertained together.

4.) Read books or magazines. The internet and TV have tricked many of us. They shortened our attention spans like toddlers have, and ruined our focus, so now we all want instant gratification. We switch channels quickly, browse different websites simultaneously. Reading is a good discipline. Practice it.

5.) Trash old files and unused things. After revisiting my box of memories: souvenirs and documents, I was surprised to find that I have kept some things for years that are no longer important to me now. You may also have things at home that just occupies space, but are of no use to you anymore. Either give them away or trash them.

6.) Change the look of your home. A variation on item# 2 above. Re-arrange your books or furniture. Put on a different paint on your walls or use a different wallpaper. Being creative here may just change the ambience in your home and help improve your family’s mood.

7.) Update your mobile phone content. Delete old text messages that you can no longer “recycle” (i.e. forward to friends). Delete old business or work contacts that you no longer need. Change the wallpaper or the ringtone of your phone. Variety adds zest to our lives.

8.) Exercise. Health is wealth. Keeping yourself in top shape will help you maintain a good self-esteem. You’ll be happier and become more productive. Feeling good about yourself will spread some good around you.

9.) Create an artwork. Try painting. Make a collage of your photos or cut-outs from magazines. Draw a sketch. Use watercolor or crayons for your masterpiece. It’s your time to get creative.

10.)  Enhance your craft. If you’re into singing, turn on that videoke and hit the notes. If you love writing like I do, check your old notebooks to see if you have old ideas that you can resurrect, or maybe do something about your unfinished pieces. Into photography? Take photos of yourself in various moods.

I’m sure you have your own way of getting out of boredom while staying at home. Won’t you share them with us, please? They may come handy anytime soon, or right about now for some readers here.


6 thoughts on “10 Awesome Boredom Solutions

  1. It is amazing how the evil powers of boredom are spreading 😉 I like the idea of the list, quite the good approach. For me, the internet often does trick as it brings you new ideas for your hobbies. Just like this entry! Good work!

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