These are random ruminations from my spiritual journey over the years after my conversion to Christianity back in September 1999. The story of my testimony is written here. Choosing to follow Jesus Christ is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Growing my relationship with God helps me strive to be the best I can be, fills my life with wonderful things and helps me see life in a better perspective. Nothing motivates more than God’s unconditional love and grace to transform lives.

The following are thoughts I scribbled in my old journal “Coram Deo” (Before the Face of God):

10:10am, June 15, 2003

“We live in an imperfect world with equally imperfect people. When we see others’ imperfections and negative attitudes, we see only a part of ourselves as well. It’s a good thing God changes people and situations in His appointed time. When we feel we’re caught in the midst of this, let us be reminded that God is sovereign. He has reasons and purpose why and when things happen.”

December 30, 2003

“Our level of maturity and growth as a Christian depends mostly in our level of surrendering to God in every aspect of our lives: heart, mind, soul, and strength.”

12:30 am, April 26, 2004

“Everything should lead us back to God: our joys and sorrows, triumphs and frustrations, trials and errors, boredom and bliss, temptations and dreams – all these should always bring us back to Him who is the Creator of everything.”

September 29, 2005

“Our desire and pursuit of EXCELLENCE in spirituality, morality, and integrity are what impacts other people’s lives.”


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