Big house. Posh Car. Great career. Fame. Power. These are some people’s idea of success. Most of us do everything to get it…to get there. Some people may work day and night, master their craft, seek wise counsel from mentors while others max out their credit cards, manipulate people and situations, sell themselves, or even deceive others just to get a taste of success.


Another Definition of Success                                                                                    

Someone said: “Success is a journey not a destination.” How we get there and what we make of our version of success is determined by who we are becoming in the process. Talent and skills may take us to the top but only character can keep us there for long.

For me, success is tantamount to “legacy” – the quality of influence and impact I leave behind even after I’m gone. One way I’m doing to achieve this is by helping others succeed in my own little way.

I strive to live every day in light of eternity. Though I falter and fail sometimes, it’s comforting to know that God‘s unconditional love leads me on. As I follow Him, He turns my stumbling blocks to stepping-stones, making all things work for my good and for His glory.

Let By-gones Be By-gones

Gone are the days of comparing myself with other people – what they have achieved and where they are now. I have gotten tired of that feeling. Every time I feel that itch, I remind myself that I have my own race to run and I only compete against myself. All I need to do is make the best of what I have and what I know. With God’s help, I will have a life well-lived.

Defining success in our own terms will release us from unnecessary burdens and take off some emotional baggage that may bring us down if left unchecked. Your own definition of success will help you carve out the ways you’ll take on this journey.

What’s your definition of success?


4 thoughts on “Success: In My Own Terms

  1. I think your goals are good ones. As a classical musician, it would be nice to have a few CDs out, become a world-renowned pianist that everyone wants to get tickets to (ha) but really, what matters is what i leave behind. And I think I want my students to learn how to make music. Really good music that comes from the heart (or some higher purpose) and not just from the notes on the page.


  2. In this era of social networking sites, organizing reunion takes few clicks to throw invites and a matter of quick decisions to get replies. At reunions, success is the course of topic. Who has become big, who remained static or who has fallen short of expectations. To this I thought: Blessings such success don’t always come in grandeur. It may pass us anytime unknowingly (small things may well as be great achievements). I’ts significance doesn’t only lie in insurmountable benefits but also in sparingly reasonable worth. –I was just looking for some people I might know and then I have fallen deep into your inspiring and thought-inciting writing. Keep it up. God speed.


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