The internet has made the world smaller, and it revolutionized the way people learn by providing a storehouse of knowledge which everyone can access anytime and everywhere.

ipadWe can take advantage of various online information to improve our creativity, cognitive, relational and communication skills, and inspire us for whatever we love doing.

Yesterday, after waking up from my usual daytime sleep [I have a nocturnal job] and before going to work, I went online to learn so I can store more English words in my brain, and be more fluent in speaking the language because that’s the main tool in my job.

I have watched these video clips in YouTube: Amy Tan talked about how she finds meaning in life through writing, Dr. James Heckman‘s speech on the rate of return on social skills, and Frank Mc Court‘s writing about poverty.

I then thought, we can actually learn everywhere and anytime if we remain open and hungry for wisdom. Then we can use whatever insights we pick up along the way to help us become a better person to contribute for a better family, society and so on.

Besides learning from online, TV [Yes! Why not?] and books, I learn daily from:

  • People – I love hearing stories of people from all walks of life with stories of despair, hope, survival, failures and triumphs. I pick their brains and try to absorb every bit of wisdom that they gleaned from their unpleasant experiences so that I don’t have to experience them myself.
  • Places – Arriving early at the workplace, I ate “Patola (Snake Gourd) con Miki (a kind of noodle)” from our diner and I thought “Hmn…I can cook this at home.” So I took a mental note of the ingredients, and will cook it for my family on one of my rest days. Traveling expands our knowledge too.
  • ProblemsThe most I can get from every problem that comes my way, if I’m not able to find solutions for them, are the unforgettable lessons they bring. Although I can be overly analytical sometimes, [maybe that’s just the way I’m wired] it mostly works to my advantage because I’m able to think through situations from different angles.

Life is a continuous learning process. It’s a big university where we can all excel and graduate with flying colors, if we do our best to learn at all times.

No matter how difficult our circumstances are, we can get more out of life if we will learn from it. Knowledge becomes most beneficial for ourselves and others when we apply it in our lives.

I’d like to learn from you, too. What have you learned lately?

3 thoughts on “iLearn Daily

  1. I learn that there are fewer and fewer people that can be trusted each passing day, and the one that valuable will be the one that still sat with you through your hardest time. Nice thinking. ^^


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