Maturity is defined as the “state or quality of being fully grown or developed.” It originated back in 1400’s from the Latin word “maturitas” which means “ripeness.”

Today I was reading “Leadership Handbook of Management & Administration” which made me ponder more about the value of maturity and how the presence, or the lack of it, in my life impacts other people around me.

Years of education and experience  do add up to maturity but there are also people who remain “immature” despite having some measure of those two mentioned.

Durable wisdom, the constant application of knowledge into one’s life, makes a big difference affecting one’s maturity level.

There’s certainly more than this but here are just 12 ways I measure my own maturity and of those around me:

1.) Responsibility – Am I able to do my routine responsibilities excellently while learning from every failure?

2.) Diversity – Am I willing and able to relate with people who look, act, and think differently?

3.) Stewardship – Am I a good steward of the things I have: time, talent, resources, and finances?

4.) Relationships – Do I strive for quality relationships with my family and friends?

5.) Respect – In conversations, do I listen well and not just focus on asking another question, or answer back immediately without choosing my words, neglecting the feelings of the person I’m talking to?

6.) Challenges – When problems arise, do I see them as opportunities for growth? Do I fight or flee from them?

7.) Solitude – Am I comfortable being alone? Can I work independently? Or do I always have to be with people?

8.) Growth – Do I welcome new ideas and can I handle more complex concepts beyond my comfort zone? 

9.) Attitude – Can I deal with conflict, correction and criticism well by making the necessary adjustments?

10.) Humility – Do I always make an effort to give credit where it’s due and not be offended when someone forgets to give credit to my endeavors?

11.) Security – Am I secure in my being unique and special, without needing to always follow after what others say or do, or how they look like?

12.) Resilience – Do I take responsibility for my actions and can I motivate myself, picking myself up from each downfall?

Question: What is maturity for you?


2 thoughts on “12 Measures of Maturity

  1. Thank you for this post! appreciated this writing =)
    I think I lack number 6 but improving on number 3, I should put in my heart Less of Me, and more of God =)
    happy day everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

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