I just finished a personal experiment recently: 30-day No Facebook (FB) challenge from April 1-30, 2011 and I’m proud to say I survived! LOL! I challenged myself to do this because I’ve observed that my fixation to this online network is taking its toll in the way I use my time and handle my relationships with God and people.

FB Addict

I will be writing more about my insights from that virtual hibernation soon, but here’s one for now.

For its 650 million plus members worldwide as of April 8, 2011, Facebook is the best thing that ever happened since the conception of internet. While still many baby boomers do not have it, many old folks are already enjoying it, or someone younger made at least an FB profile for them there.

If you’re observing at least five (5) symptoms listed below, beware. You’re hooked on Facebook!

1.)   Dedicated Email – You have a dedicated e-mail primarily for FB alerts and usage.

2.)   Technical Know-It-All – You have memorized almost all account settings and FB functions that you can already pass for a technical chat support for it if ever they’ll need one.

3.)   FB Usage Frequency – You always feel the urge to update your wall status or interact with contacts not only once-a-day but sometimes even every 2-4 hours.

4.)   FB-On-Mobile – You don’t want to miss a thing so you have FB on your mobile phone.

5.)   How many FB Profiles / Groups is Enough? – You have made two or more profiles / FB groups after you opened your account.

6.)   More important than E-mail? – It’s the second thing (sometimes the first) you access when you go online after your e-mail and you have it open all the time while you are surfing the net.

7.)   FB While Working – You have it open on your laptop/desktop PC while working on-duty.

8.) No FB Policy – Due to increasing FB addicts like you using office computer, your company has issued a NO FB regulation, but still, you have received a written warning for violating it anyway.

9.)   Main Communication Tool? – When you need to contact someone or publicize something, you think of doing it first on FB.

10.)   Is there anything on FB you haven’t tried yet? – You have now tried mostly all inconceivable applications and games there.

11.) Two Hours Minimum! – You consume at least two hours on it daily (accumulated or in one sitting).

12.) Let’s talk about FB – You can’t help but talk about your FB sights and interactions with your co-workers, friends, church and family.

13.) Every FB Word Counts – You mention “Facebook” on your business correspondences, marketing materials, blogs and even in snail mail.

14.) No more lonely nights with FB? – Most of your life depends on it that you share your smiles and sorrows on FB, sometimes even the most intimate details of your life, instead of doing it in a personal interaction.

15.) FB Anywhere, Anytime – You can’t live without it—not even a week or two—that you find ways to get into it wherever you are: even while on the road driving, commuting or on leisurely / work-related travels.

16.) FB In Your Dreams? – You even dream about it or have nightmares with it! Yikes!

Consider changing your online lifestyle if you noticed that your FB habit is slowly but surely wrecking havoc on your personal, professional, or spiritual life.

Addiction is not fun at all…unlike what most people think about getting hooked on Facebook.


8 thoughts on “16 Signs You’re Addicted to Facebook

  1. hahaha! I’ve known someone who can’t get over the “facebook”, one of my team mates always suggest to integrate facebook on all projects we will do in the future haha!


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