• Can I survive 30 days without Facebook? My challenge and experiment…SOON!
  • With no Facebook in 30 days, will I be able to do more writing/reading? Will I be able to make more “personal” than just “virtual” connections?
  • As a Christian, do I spend more time in Facebook than reading the Bible and praying? Do I grow my relationship with people more than my relationship with God?
  • Without Facebook for 30 days-April 1-30, 2011-will I sorely miss interacting with my online network? Will people miss me or my posts?

NO Facebook1Such were my wall posts before I began my 30-day “vacation leave” from Facebook. I decided to take on this challenge after observing that so much of my daily time is consumed by logging onto it, thus, less quality time with God and people. I even wrote the 16 Signs You’re Addicted to Facebook after this period.

While most of my interactions and “sightseeing” there is wholesome fun, there are posts from my online contacts that inevitably provoke unpleasant thoughts and emotions [*wink*] in me.

There are obviously a lot of good things in it, but besides being time-consuming, I also considered the other two downside of Facebook:

1.)    Source of Superficiality and Deception, even causing relational issues and fights

2.)   Avenue for Privacy Invaders, Fraudsters, and Inconsiderate Advertising Strategies (Oh! Tag-me-not please!)

That being said, the following are fruits of my temporary seclusion from this social network:

  • Read Proverbs “The Message” version in 30 days from www.biblegateway.com
  • Set all my Multiply posts to Private – most were open to public viewing before
  • Photoshoot with an ex-officemate and his two comrades at Harbor Square Manila Bay
  • Finished reading/deleting twenty-two (22) unread emails stuck in my inbox for months (possibly even years!)
  • Renamed/created new labels to categorize my email contents
  • Modified my online subscriptions: un-subscribed to some and subscribed to other websites/blogs
  • Changed my WordPress Theme
  • Posted new ones and edited some past blogs at WordPress, which I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time 

This experiment made me conclude that the disadvantages of Facebook highly depends on the use or misuse of its account owner. 

Not having it for a month also helped me spend more fruitful time with people and things in my life that I can’t live without.

Question: If you’re hooked in Facebook, have you tried imagining how your life would be without it?

4 thoughts on “What 30 Days Without Facebook Can Do

  1. too bad an article this good didn’t yet get its deserved comments. 🙂 I considered myself hooked into online activities (not just FB), but FB is the one I opened most. For me, I think FB is a real time killer when I’m doing some boring activities like waiting, or sitting at the car. But true, the choice is still mine, whether I can use the time to doing online activities (like now), or spend it to talking a quality conversation with my auntie which is sitting right next besides me. It’s all always depends on how we use it. 🙂 thanks for sharing your great experiment. Now you made me think of doing the same experiment too. Cheers. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the compliment, Martin. I guess people are jumping from one page to another too fast online or they’re just busy replying to their own comments from FB. 😉

      You’re welcome! Warning: The experiment is not for the faint-hearted. Not having FB for 30 days may drive other people crazy/lonely if that transition period is not handled correctly. 🙂


  2. Yes, this is a very good article. I highly agree that the “disadvantages” of Facebook cannot be blamed on Facebook itself but rather on how people use it. Addiction has many faces but the essence of addiction is one and the same.


  3. Hi bro. Thanks a lot for sharing this. This is very true and nakakarelate ako. That’s why there are many times that I deactivate my fb account for me to focus in some other important things. I can also add that not only fb, but the rest of social media are considered to be factors to a significant change in this world within the past ten years? The reason why? Because it changed the way how the people live. Most people are getting more focused on their own phones, laptop, tablets as a major form of communication, rather than talking personally with one another if possible. Just two cents. God bless!


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