-Excerpts from John Maxwell & Jim Dornan’s book: “Becoming a Person of Influence”

Sometime in May 2004– I wrote the acrostics below on my journal as I was reading the aforementioned book.

A person who applies best leadership practices can become an instrument of  change in a situation, a life and even a society.

I am aware of the challenges and responsibilities that go with it so I encourage everyone reading this to take a moment to pray for your leader/s (parents, teachers, work supervisors, church leaders etc.).

Blessed by the lives of great leaders in my life, I’m passing the lessons on to my own family and those I am currently mentoring while here and now, to you as well, my dear reader:

B          Believe in them before they succeed

E          Emphasize their strengths

L          List their past successes

I           Instill confidence when they fail

E          Experience some wins together

V          Visualize their future success

E          Expect a new level of living


I           Integrity with people

N          Nurtures other people

F          Faith in people

L          Listens to people

U          Understands people

E          Enlarges people

N          Navigates for other people

C          Connects with people

E          Empowers people

R          Reproduces other influencers


One thought on “Archive Notes 4: Best Leadership Practices

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