“…I’m with a global enterprise.

We have branches in every country in the world.

We have representatives in nearly every parliament and boardroom on earth.

We’re into motivation and behaviour alteration.

We run hospitals, feeding stations, crisis pregnancy centers, universities, publishing houses, and nursing homes.

We care for our clients from birth to death.

We are into life insurance and fire insurance.

We perform spiritual heart transplants.

Our original Organizer owns all the real estate on earth plus an assortment of galaxies and constellations.

He knows everything and lives everywhere.

Our product is free for the asking. (There’s not enough money to buy it.)

Our CEO was born in a hick town, worked as a carpenter, didn’t own a home,

was misunderstood by His family and hated by His enemies, walked on water,

was condemned to death without a trial, and arose from the dead.

I talk with Him every day.”

-from Max Lucado’s book “Traveling Light”, page 33

The church is the most amazing organization in the world!


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