Our local TV news tonight reported that a resolution was submitted to ban Facebook use on government offices to increase efficiency and cut costs.

This news only emphasizes that social media can be an addicting form of entertainment or distraction. I wrote more on this topic here.


Indeed, there’s plenty of opportunity to be distracted on the internet…especially in Facebook. It features everything calling out to you, vying for attention or needing your action: “Look at these lovely photos, listen to this, read that, watch this video, comment there, reply to this personal message, chat with…”

Then before you know it, you’ve just wasted ample time doing everything but your work objectives.

If you have things to do with your internet-enabled desktop computer, laptop, or iPad at any given day, these are my archaic suggestions before invading the online jungle:

  • List your tasks down on a post-it in front of your monitor or
  • Write your list in a notebook, organizer, piece of paper as “tangible reminder” or
  • Put them in a notepad in your screen  and commit to do them before going to social networking sites that sometimes most of the time becomes a great distraction.

And the last “Or” to avoid doing the list completely, if you plan to work, do not access a social networking site at all, that is, if you can resist it.

Question: How about you? What’s your modern-day strategy to be productive while working online?


3 thoughts on “Everything Calls Out: Focus or Get Lost!

    1. Wow! Thank you for your gracious compliment on my writing, Robert (I just checked your WordPress site).

      I’m not sure about your question but are you referring to blogs I wrote on personal development? I do. Check them under Topic Destinations > PSG:Personal & Spiritual Growth.

      Welcome to WordPress with your new blog and enjoy reading!


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