The more we expose ourselves in truth and apply it, the more we reap its benefits. Yes, some truths do hurt but it helps too by setting people free.

Truly loving people requires loving every bit of truth about them: their good and their bad “true” traits, even including their past truths that may have shaped them to who they have become now.

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Truth builds trust. And trust is one of the foundations of any relationship. I’d rather be hurt by truth now than be lied to longer, often only prolonging the agony. I’ve been hurt by truths before but lies hurt even more.

The consequences of truth revealed more likely leads to restoration of relationships but lies almost always damage relationships or worsens any situation. Wrong information leads to wrong action.

Real and lasting transformation of any person, situation or relationship relies highly on the knowledge of truth and its regular application.

To live in a lie is to die slowly but surely. Lies corrupt a person, destroy reputation, harm relationships and complicate situations.

Lying can become a habit and bad habits die hard whereas developing a good habit, studies show, can take only two to four weeks.

Truth hurts but it helps…it heals. Be set free by loving and living in truth because only free people live life fully. Love life and live free!


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