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Lord God, if there’s one relationship in this world I value most,

it’s my relationship with You.

I know that even if I lose the people I value most in my life –

no matter how difficult that goes –

I know You will always be there.


And if I’ll ever have trouble with my relationships,

as I’m sure I often will,

You’ll fix them for me as I turn them over to You

Or You’ll change me if I’m the problem

as I surrender my life to You…

simply because You love me

just as I am – with no if’s and but’s…

simply because You created me

for a purpose

and simply because You love me as Your child.


As I draw near to You each day,

You lead me in relationships

that help me become the best I can be

for my good and for Your glory

but only in You can I find everything

that fills my every need.


Only in You can I find healing for my relational wounds.

Only in You can I find real meaning in my life.

Only in You do I have everything

that makes me whole

and that which completes me.


Father God, I’m in awe of Your love for me!

Your amazing love is what drives me

to do the things I do now

and how I relate with people.

Your amazing grace is what changes me

inside out and everything else around me.


I’m falling more deeply in love with You each day.

I’m in awe of Your amazing love.

I’m forever grateful to You, Lord!

Grant me the grace to live loving You

above anyone else and anything else in this world.


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