People change as time goes by, not only because of time itself, though it’s a major factor as we age, but due to change of:

  • Social Status — from Single to In A Relationship to Married or Complicated
  • Residence, Workplace – People get influenced by their environment and peer associations
  • Choices – How people choose to respond to good or bad changes they encounter along the way

Some people get stuck in their past reactions when they should already be moving towards a different direction in their life, by changing the way they think and respond to people and situations. 


True, it’s hard to accept some harsh realities in life and much harder to change sometimes with the way things are going; but if we do not intentionally decide to change for good, other people will decide some things and make the change for us – whether we like it or not.

There is no single method to use for all kinds of relationships or situations. 

We need to unlearn some things in the past and embrace new lessons.

We must use new techniques in the way we deal with people and situations as we progress in our lives.

We must evolve and grow with the times, or get lost in the crowd and be forgotten or left behind.

We must face some ugly truths about ourselves and about other people, then deal with them as a grown-ups – or suffer the consequences.

Don’t hide the truth even if it hurts or it’s disgusting; share it discreetly to people involved.

Tell the truth and live it.

Sure, it’s not easy because it’ll require you to express vulnerability. But only when you show the “real you“ to people you care most will you know if they really are for you or against you. 

Relationships that are worth keeping are worth fixing.

And when worse comes to worst, take it to God, to whom we could ever have the most important relationship — the Restorer and Redeemer of relationships.

Change is often a painful process; but changing for your good and the good of those around you is surely worth trying.

And despite all the learnings and the pain, we must always choose to BE BETTER not bitter.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”-Isaiah 43:18-19 


2 thoughts on “Lifesaver: Evolve With Change

  1. So true. People also change because of the events and experiences in their lives. Part of me did when I realized people are capable of doing something so evil. It was hard and painful but somehow God gave me the will to forgive and move on.


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