God created you with a mission and a destination…

Uncommon – No doubt you are unique and special. There’s no one in this world like you. You have a unique history just as you have a unique destiny. You have your own dreams and aspirations like everyone else has. Your mission is tied to your dreams and aspirations.

Photo from http://www.panhala.net
Photo from http://www.panhala.net

IncomparableYou may consider your past as dark but others’ may even be darker. You may consider other people’s paths as better and brighter but they may be seeing yours as that way too. Don’t compare yourself with others because they maybe already halfway or towards the end of their journey that’s why they seem to have it all together now, whereas you’re just starting your way up.

Challenges – You’ll encounter potholes and dead ends on this journey but that shouldn’t keep you from trudging on. Do not carry needless emotional baggage from past challenges as they’ll get heavier along the way and will either slow you down or even distract you. Challenges are customized to make you and not break you.

Perception – Take comfort in the fact that much as you try your best, you neither can know everything nor have everything here and now. Everything and everyone has a special place and time under the sun.Fix your perspective and focus on your journey.

Surprises – The weather may become unbearable for you. It may rain on your parade but still you must keep walking. You will have trials from places and people you meet along some lonely roads but remember: “Life is filled with surprises!” Rest if you must but focus on your journey.

Friends and Lovers – People may travel with you for awhile but most times you must travel your road alone because they too have their own journey.

Often, people will prove their friendship and love to you by staying or leaving.

Like it or not, you will leave some people along the way too. Cry if you must but you’ve got to move on because life goes on.

GodHe started you on this journey but He gives you the choice for your destination. He can orchestrate situations, resources and people you need only if you’ll ask Him to and let Him do it.

It’s mostly about the journey and not merely the destination that matters most.

Once you know that God is the starting point of your journey and determine He will be your finish line, focus on your journey because you will get there. No matter how long and hard the road, with God, you’ll definitely get there!


6 thoughts on “Focus On Your Journey

  1. I can see myself walking in this journey. In the beginning, God did set the road for me but I made some wrong choices. Thanks for reminding me that he’s there to guide me back. A post full of wisdom. Thank you for the days inspiration. Hopefully I will head on the right path soon. God bless to you and your family. Thanks for the visit.


    1. Thanks for your comment and blessing, The Island Traveler.

      We all stumble along the way but the glory comes in our rising up again each time.

      God’s grace and love is unfathomable. As long as we have life, we have a chance to make some things right.



  2. One step at a time – and His footprints are already there for us to follow if we keep our eyes on the road. Sometimes there is too much in the view! Good post.


  3. I like this post so much, that I needed to say something. How true the phrase that says, “People will prove their friendship and love to you by staying or leaving.” The ultimate proof of love one can ever show, is by letting go.


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