An ideal social network is not only about me or you or any individual. It’s about all of us trying to make it work by:

  • flowing with the ebb of life through ever-changing technology and seasons,
  • bringing out the best in each other,
  • building worthwhile relationships,
  • looking after each other’s well-being and
  • rooting for each others’ success.

Here’s a few factors to consider to create your own ideal social network:

1. Leave Something– Stalk me not! Please don’t just look at my photos or read my notes without leaving a trace. The least you can do is “like” them or better yet, post a comment or even a constructive criticism if you don’t like them. Everyone gets better given a little bit of appreciation.

2. Social Boundary – I’m not mean but I don’t accept friend invites from people I haven’t met personally yet. I don’t have a fan page yet which will show only my works so all of my photos and posts tell a lot about my personal life which people with evil intent may take advantage of.

Photo from
Photo from

3. Invite Me Not – I don’t need a lot of contacts but only meaningful connections in my network so don’t add me as a friend if you don’t know me outside Facebook or if you only want people to notice you. I prefer an intimate and interactive network.

4. Channel of Growth – Social network is good only when utilized properly. Like in real life, it does not mean being friends with everybody or be linked with all the rich and famous. A boundless social network may ruin a life and infect others.

A well-considered social network may build you and be a wellspring of growth and life for others.

5. Connect, Disconnect, Block – Connect and disconnect or even block contacts as needed. Ain’t no fuss about it. I know how it feels to be rejected but it is part of growing up. Anyway, we reject and get rejected in one way or another.

6. Human Errors – We make mistakes in spelling, grammar, choice of words, not giving credit where it’s due when re-posting photos and notes that aren’t ours. No worries. We commit human errors like how we stumble our way towards growth.

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