We are limited in the way we see things, people and situations. We only know our past and present, we don’t know what’s to come; only God and time can tell. Some people…

  • See the proverbial glass half-empty while others see it half-filled
  • Some see problems as they are and get stuck with them like it’s the end of the road
  • Others see them as challenges we can conquer and get past with

Some people have been through the road we are travelling on so it’s good to seek their advice.

Some people do see things differently. More so, the God of the universe see things far differently.

Photo from http://www.gizmodo.com
Photo from http://www.gizmodo.com

Our decisions are molded by life lessons learned along the way, culled from our personal experiences or from people we observe closely, filtered further through our personalities and principles.

A friend told me about a work issue he had where his Team Leader blurted hurtful words at the wrong place and time. I told him what my former Operations Manager told me: “Alalahanin mong nag-work ka para kumita. [Remember that you work for the money.] Having a good Boss is just a bonus.” Timely words are a treasure [Read Proverbs 15:22-23].

Recently, I ended a tough talk with a friend considering he is just having difficulty seeing things clearly and accepting correction because of the dark times he is going through, causing his limited perspective.

I suggested that he expose himself more to people to learn how relationships work and lasts, and to love them unconditionally even as God loves him in the same manner.

I am not perfect and will never be in this life. I also have issues to work on but I face problems head-on. I know that my perspective of things is limited and so I often seek other people’s advice but ultimately seek the perspective of Him who sees and knows all things while praying this:

‎”Lord, please take away the blinders in my heart and mind, that I may see the people and situations in my life the way I ought, so I could deal with them in accordance to Your best plans for my life.”

Perspectives abound everywhere and anytime. To succeed in life, tap into other people’s perspective. Moreover, ask for wisdom and grace from the Ancient, Ageless One.


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