Seth Godin, Max Lucado, Jeremy Kubicek and Paulo Coelho…what do they have in common? They all can write short, sweet yet interesting and insightful blogs.

Goodshoot Getty Images from
Goodshoot Getty Images from

They are my virtual teachers so I’m challenging myself to do likewise and here are few reasons why:

  1. Online readers have short attention span because
  2. They have so many places to go to and
  3. So many things to do yet so little time because
  4. They have many interests and issues in life and
  5. So many things to do for school or work, family, and leisure because
  6. They are mostly interactive while facing various concerns daily and
  7. So desperately wanting to make the most out of life because
  8. They easily get bored, have fast and furious mouse-clicking fingers and
  9. So they have online social networks: Facebook, Twitter etc. because
  10. They don’t want to be left out to what’s in and what’s hot so…

Let’s write short and sweet posts if possible and appropriate because…life is short! 😉


Chime in and comment.

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