By: Adrian Pantonial 

‎”Being smart is an elusive concept. There’s a certain sharpness, an ability to absorb new facts, to ask an insightful question or relate to domains that may not seem connected at first.”

-Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-founder define “smart” as “having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability; shrewd or sharp” from the Old English “smeart” meaning “…severe, stinging” attested from 13th century; with notion of “cutting”; in the compound “fyrsmeortende” as “painful like fire.”

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are three of the smartest people in the planet today who changed the way we relate and communicate.  Despite of not finishing college, they have achieved their rich-and-famous status. That really says a lot about being smart!

Like them, I believe a smart person:

  • Continues to learn and lives out each lesson to also benefit others
  • Goes out of his comfort zone taking every calculated risk
  • Looks at problems as challenges and chances to learn something new
  • Keeps asking questions and finding potential solutions
  • Focus his efforts to people and things that make him wiser, stronger and more skilled
  • Ventures into the unknown even alone if necessary
  • Speaks his mind every chance he gets, risking to be known as a fool
  • Knows his strengths and weaknesses but always builds on his strength
  • Resourceful enough to use raw materials available to him
  • Tries and tries, evolves on his successes even checkered with failure

Now more than ever, our fast changing world needs more smart people as technology provides jillions of free information online.

Knowledge needs to be constantly loved and lived out but only the really smart ones take advantage of this exciting opportunity, which requires hard work…painful like fire. Will you be one of us them? 😛


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