Everything in your life flows in and out of your core values. Your dreams, decisions, and relationships are filtered and fulfilled through these.

Image from http://discoveringyourauthenticself.com
Image from http://discoveringyourauthenticself.com

Your core values…

  • drive the motives in your every action
  • define your words and actions
  • are formed through years of experience and education
  • can be reformed as you experience major turning points

Let me share with you my 10 core values:

1.)   Spirituality – Everything rises and falls on God’s leadership in my life.

2.)   Family – I love my family and show it by sacrificing for their welfare and success.

3.)   Personal Growth – As I grow, all my endeavors and involvements grow too.

4.)   Integrity – I do my best to live and tell the truth. Often, truth hurts but it helps…it heals.

5.)   Leadership – Every area of society needs leaders who are change catalysts.

6.)   Service – Successful people are servant-leaders. Action speaks louder than words.

7.)   ExcellenceIt costs a lot of effort but it inspires, sells, and makes a big difference.

8.)   Inspiration – I feed on daily spiritual and motivational inspiration. I live by it.

9.)   Creativity – In the way I write, do things or deal with people, I try to be creative.

10.) Communication – Another skill I keep improving, a tool I use daily and everywhere.

Core values influence your choices so knowing them readily will guide you to make better choices and order your priorities.

Have you considered what are yours lately?


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