by Adrian Pantonial 

We are creatures of reason and emotion which drive our daily habits. We develop recurring actions that become part of our second nature because the focus of our action appeals to our logic and feelings.

Image by Saatchi & Saatchi

Every leader, entrepreneur, and group we’ll call “benefactors” here are always asked by each potential follower these questions, whether deliberately or discreetly:

Why should  I…

  • work for you?
  • be part of your cause?
  • buy your product/service?

If you can lure me with reason and emotion and give tangible answers to any or all of these, I will take action to your favor:

  1. Will it make me and my loved ones look, feel, or live better?
  2. How can we both benefit from this potential relationship?
  3. Can your product, service, or cause last longer (or at least its impact) than other competitors’?

When benefactors provide tangible answers to these consistent questions, often, the cost even if expensive will be paid and commitment given even if more is required.

Depending on the quantity, quality and consistency of tangible answers, the relationship may go from:

Spectator > Follower > Partner > Endorser

So go ahead! Lure us with reason and emotion and while at it, wow us and exceed our expectations so we can have a great time together over the long haul.


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