This video depicts the strange and funny real-life friendship initiations but sadly so vastly true online, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Watch it and see for yourself…

So both as a caution and guide, I wrote these…

  1. “A boundless social network may ruin a life and infect others. A well-considered social network may build you and be a wellspring of growth and life for others.” -from The Making of an Ideal Social Network 
  2. “For a friendship to work, it must be a two-way street, having a give-and-take interaction. Whenever I realize I’m the only one exerting efforts to befriend or grow friendship with someone, I back away.”-from Great Friendship Guidelines
  3. “As a single person, I spend most of my time–besides with my family–with friends so I do my best to choose them wisely because I know that they will either break or make me and whether I like it or not, they will contribute to my growth or ruin.” -from What Would Cause You To End A Friendship?

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