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Tagalog Parts Translated Here:

Darnel Forro: It seems like you’re taking life too seriously 🙂

Adrian Pantonial:  Ahaha! Not really, Darnel. There’s a time for everything under the sun, you know that, bro. 🙂

Kates Valdez:  Is this an investment or savings? Just be yourself… It’s hard to always have a standard that sometimes you’re no longer happy with what you’re doing. Life is a combination of work and play… Sometimes it’s free…Don’t bother to pay…Wait, DID I MESS UP YOUR THOUGHTS?

Claire Chavez Arrabe: It’ll pay off greatly in time, Ades 🙂 Become the best person you could be every day.

Adrian Pantonial: Big Sis Kates-Which is better investment or savings? Investment yields more profit than savings. Not everything that makes a person happy lasts. And what will you do with your being happy if your loved ones are not and you even became a burden to them? 🙂 I’m not only sacrificing for the sake of having a standard but I’m also considering how my efforts will benefit those I love now and in the future.  I’m not fixed on the short-term but on the long term.

Adrian Pantonial: I believe that our choices make us or destroy us. Many people get trapped in the mire because of rushing into things.

Kates Valdez: People play using different strokes for different folks…Just do everything that makes you happy. Because maybe some of the things you have prepared for might not come to pass. What’s important is that you learned your lessons. And you did them with all happiness…

Kates Valdez: Don’t be too serious ok?…You might get stroke. Hehehe!!!

Adrian Pantonial: Sacrifice does not always mean that you’re not happy doing something or that you’re always serious. The outcome of our sacrifices brings a double portion of happiness to our loved ones. In the end, what’s important above all is not what people will say with the outcome of our life but what God will say about it. In Him, we will all give account.

Cicely Fernandez Capacite: Tough one!:D

Sherwin Tan: aheM (As if coughing)

Janine Rebanal Balmes: Yeah, you’re right!

Erik Reyes: Hmm…This makes me ponder… Thanks for the insight… 🙂

Adrian Pantonial: ‎Erik-We definitely need to ponder on things that directly affect our future. While there are some things we need to act on NOW and not just think about. 🙂

Erik Reyes: Thanks for the insight bro…:) May God bless you and your family… 🙂

Adrian Pantonial: Likewise to you, Erik! 🙂


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