“Family and friends need leaders who model purpose-driven lives. Children need leaders who help them reach their potential. Churches need leaders who chart the course and equip the saints. Businesses need leaders who will build great places to work while making a profit. Communities need leaders who create a better place to live.”

-from John Maxwell’s book “Leadership: Promises for Every Day”

Leadership is influence.

Within each of that circle every day, someone could be closely observing your words and actions. Someone could be even looking up to you without your knowledge. Or someone may be irritated by your words and deeds and they may, one of these days, tell you about it.

People who are aware of their influence use it wisely.

Photo from http://theleaderiwanttobe.blogspot.com

Leadership is service.

Power can corrupt a person. People in leadership position in organizations ought to know that they are not only placed there to use power for selfish gain but ultimately to serve people.

If everyone in a circle of life is encouraged to serve and not just merely influence, things will definitely turn from good to better to best.

People who are aware of that sense of service use it wisely, and out of love, grow themselves with the goal of being a blessing to grow their own circle of life.

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