Minimum Efforts for Maximum Impact

By: Adrian Pantonial

Is it possible to achieve more by doing less? The answer: a resounding YES!

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One way this can be done is by applying the Pareto Principle in your vital daily tasks. The idea is to concentrate your time, efforts and resources to do 20% of the work to generate 80% benefit of doing the whole job.

HSBC recently caused uproar in the news after selling its upstate New York retail branch network and subsequently its card and retail services business. Despite the spreading bad press, “The World’s Local Bank“ vows it is not selling out to its competitors but only aligning to its global group strategy by becoming more internationally focused.

To apply this lesson on a personal and virtual level I…

  • Delete un-used contacts from my mobile phone to save memory space
  • Don’t go to events that don’t align with my core values and priorities
  • Disconnect from people who bring me down most of the time
  • Unfriend past Facebook (FB) contacts who don’t interact with me or whom I’m not interested with
  • Don’t accept FB contact invitations from people I haven’t met personally yet – with few exceptions
  • Leave FB Groups that don’t help me or those just formed out of an event I was involved with which most members who are in my contacts anyway
  • Block FB game invitations (Thanks but I don’t play online games)

All these I do because I don’t want to waste time, effort, resources and even mouse clicks…I don’t wanna waste a thing! (Can you hear Aerosmith singing?)

I know my purpose in life and I live it out passionately, strategically and by all means…DAILY!


2 thoughts on “Minimum Efforts for Maximum Impact

  1. This was a terrific blog. I liked it very much. I really agree with your strategies, too. I tend to delete and cull. My son thinks I’m mad for it, and holds onto numbers waaaaay long. No, I like doing it your way.


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