I like trying out new things like new clothes, food, going to new places, connecting with new people, dabbling into a new hobby, learning new skills, emerging myself into new culture and learning. In that sense, I consider myself an “adventurer.”

Last week, I tried making a “Quote Project” for the first time. I don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop yet although I’d love to learn that soon given enough time and resources, so I made these by the following steps:

1. Typed the quote from Microsoft Powerpoint

2. Saved each file as PDF

3. Opened the PDF file

4. Made a screenshot by pressing Print Screen in my keyboard

5. Pasted it in Microsoft Paint then saved it as .jpg file

(Click on each image to enlarge.)

If you have other suggestions on how make something like these or a better version of it, kindly post it in the Comment section, I’ll appreciate it very much. I also like to try putting quotes on my photographs soon.

Chime in and comment.

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