Practicality in Spirituality

“God sends us JOY to keep our hearts young, HOPE to enrich our lives, LEISURE to refresh our spirits, and LOVE to make our world beautiful.”
-M.D. Hughes

“And this is LOVE: that we walk in OBEDIENCE to His commands. As you have heard from the beginning, His command is that you WALK IN LOVE.”–2 John 1:6

Excerpts from book “PRAYER-Does It Really Make a Difference?” by Phillip Yancey

Dr. Harold G. Koenig, a psychiatrist who directs Duke University’s Center for Study of Religion/Spirituality and Health, reports on many of these findings in the book The Healing Power of Faith. Selected chapter titles alone signal his conclusions:

1. Religious people have stronger marriages and families
2. Religious people have healthy lifestyles
3. Religious people cope well with stress
4. Religion offers protection from depression and helps those afflicted to recover quickly
5. Religious people live longer, healthier lives
6. Religion may protect people from serious cardiovascular disease
7. Religious people may have stronger immune system
8. Religious people use fewer expensive hospital services

As Koenig acknowledges many of these results show the overall effect of religion on health rather than the specific impact of prayer. Lifestyle choices account for much of the benefit: regular churchgoers smoke less, drink less alcohol, engage in less promiscuous sex and drug use, and have a supportive community to rely on in coping with life problems.

**first posted in Multiply last May 2, 2007**


One thought on “Practicality in Spirituality

  1. It think the reason why such benefits is because of the fact that you have someone you can lean on.. the sense of security would just alleviate the bad feelings you have with what you’re going through.. with a simple thought “Buti nalang nandyan si God” can pretty much change all situation no matter how much it sucks.. 😀


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