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You may use this as a personal devotional ala-Our Daily Journey or share it with your Bible Study Group. 🙂


Warm-up Question: What or who do you think of when you hear the word “excellent”? It could be a product, person, place, movie, song, service etc.

Like it or not, excellence is preferred everywhere: at home [Bawal ang tamad! Laziness is prohibited!], in school [Maintain high grades], at work [Autograph your work with excellence].  

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Who would buy a bad product or service? Who likes to sit beside a person who stinks or has bad breath? Who would like to be with a person who often misbehaves? Hindi pwede ang pwede na! [Average is not preferred.] We need to be excellent because we are Christ’s ambassadors.

God gave everyone seeds of greatness in different measures but not everyone uses them and worse, not all grow the seed inside or share them with others

We live in a better society now because some people before us lived for excellence like:

  • Great inventors of airplane, telephone, PC, iphone, and Facebook
  • Our heroes who fought and died for our country
  • Jesus gave His all that we may live to the full

They all wanted a better, excellent life not only for themselves but for others too. Little do they know (except Jesus) that their legacy will live on after they’re gone.

We all have limitations in our character, talents, perspective, and faith. To acknowledge our limitations yet aspire for more will lead us in a journey to excellence.

Anything with life grows and changes. How will you know your limits, that you really can’t be excellent in a particular skill/behavior if you haven’t even tried doing it?

We need God and other people to make us grow for our benefit and for our loved ones’. 

Because we have limitations, we need people to guide, encourage, strengthen, and correct us so we can grow in significant areas. We must learn to be like foam in its capacity to absorb new knowledge and skills, or like clay in the hands of the Potter and be willing to go through pain while we learn.

God always leads us out of our comfort zones like Moises, Abraham, Joshua, Jesus, Peter, Paul. Being the oldest son, mine and my family’s life have been made better through the years because of my quest for excellence and by God’s grace. I don’t live for myself alone but for God and others too.

I encourage you to grow excellent in these areas:

  • Time Management
  • Relating to family, friends and others
  • Dressing up                  
  • Faith and its application
  • Communication skills     
  • Health
  • Budgeting                     
  • Work [Read Colossians 3:23-24; 1 Corinthians 10:31]

Our goal: Progress NOT Perfection! 

The joy of success is not in the destination but in the journey itself. By becoming a better person, we become a blessing to many others around us. There is great joy in giving!

We become what we behold and wherever we go, we bring with us the lessons we learned so we must invest in lifelong learning and personal growth even while stumbling along the way.

Application Question: What strikes you the most in this lesson and what can you apply in your life?


*Drafted last August 11, 2011 (Thursday) – 7:30pm @ Bread Garden, Ansons Supermarket, near St. Joseph church, Cubao, Quezon City

**Shared to my Victory Group last August 14, 2011 – Sunday


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