“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward them for what they have done.”-Proverbs 19:17

When was the last time you did a charity work? At least once-a-year, I do it. I don’t have everything I need but I’m sure many others around me have even more needs than I do. In my own little way, I want to help them to the best of my capacity to serve.

This time it’s a very special (not just “random”) act of kindness. In line with Victory Metro East’s preaching series “Abraham School of Finance – Week 4: Generosity,” the Victory Group (VG) I lead went out on a noble mission: to bless my relatives whose house was burned by fire last year and their bread-winner, my cousin, Ate Gladys*, was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer Stage 3 this year.

Image from http://christianmentoringandleadership.com

In just one week, our VG gave a generous amount from which we bought four bags of groceries at SM Hypermarket Cubao including some fresh fruits, noodles, canned goods, bath and cooking products, tasty bread, sandwich spreads and Noche Buena items etc. which were personally handpicked by our mighty and handsome (Ehem!) VG brothers-in-Christ.

Despite the pouring rain, I went back to the informal settlers community where I grew up, with five of my VG bro’s (our other bro’s didn’t make it for some reason). We had our usual Bible study there with my relatives, afterwards, instead of praying for our (VG’s) personal needs like we do weekly, we prayed for the renovation of my relatives’ house, provision for their daily needs and healing for Ate Gladys.

We shed tears of joy as we shared life testimonies of how God changes lives for our good and for His glory.


*Ate Gladys and my Aunt Liza both helped me finish my College studies before so I can help my siblings finish theirs.

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