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Here I come, Lord, praying all the way…

I come to You broken,

Please come and make me whole again.

I come to You hungry for love,

Come fill me with Your mighty love, oh God. 


I come to You with my life seemingly wasting away

While believing You are my very life.

I come to You for everything else

Entrusting to You my everything. 


Lord, I come to You not merely for solutions for my troubles

But for solace in my solitude

To gather some courage and strength,

To conquer the chaos and crises,

Not only in and around my life

But most of all inside me. 


I come to You to the quiet,

To the wilderness,

Away from it all,

To still the noises in my soul. 


I need You oh so very much, Lord,

And so I come away with You…

Praying all the way.

Here I come to You…praying all the way.


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