3 Priceless Surprises: Share If You Care

Collected by: Adrian Pantonial

In this day and age of information explosion, there’s just too many things floating around cyberspace and if you’re not cautious in using your time wisely, you’ll be wasting time while easily getting lost in the junk of it all.

For the true spirit of sharing and caring, I encourage you to help our dear ones find meaningful and wonderful content online whenever and wherever you can.  

Time is precious – once lost, it can never be recovered. Sharing worthwhile online contents to intentionally touch others’ lives in a positive way can be considered a “random act of kindness” but it can also show how much you care for that other person.

Not so serious now, here are three wonderful and extremely FUNNY video clips I found today sharing with you all – because I care so I share – to brighten up your day.

This is an effort to accomplish #14 of my Pilgrim’s Bucket List: Display a winsome humor and contagious wit consistently. Haha! Hey, you can make your own list too in exchange for the usual New Year’s Resolution. 😉

1.) I Love Lunch! The Musical

This made me think:

a.) What if this happens to me while having lunch? I’ll surely capture it in video through my mobile phone. 🙂

b.) Oh, I’d love to be a part of something like this too, an ImprovEverywhere’s musical.

2.) Surprise Wedding Reception

I found this one from Martin Tjandra’s blog.

3.) Meme Proposal

The smile on my face widens as I watched this video. It grew from one ear to the other by the end of it. 😉



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