The recent WordPress Annual Blogging Report only confirmed that I made the right decision to put up a second new blog – Patok Filipino.

Revellers celebrate the new year in Times Square in New York

For 2011, these are the Top 10 countries where the 24,000 visits to this blog came from:

1.) 90.4% U.S.

2.) 80.6% Australia

3.) 78.3% Philippines

4.) 59.1% Brazil

5.) 28.6% U.K.

6.) 17.2% New Zealand

7.) 13.0% Kenya

8.) 13.0% Egypt

9.) 7.6% Venezuela

10.) 7.6% Peru

Much as I’m flattered that Top 2 visits above came from English-speaking countries – obviously this blog is mostly in English – I’m just hoping to somewhat “serve” my countrymen by providing content that speaks to the hearts of fellow Filipinos.

I first got the impetus to start a second blog after seeing Myfanwy Hart’s gravatar profile having 10 whopping blogs! That sounded like a worthy entry for Guinness World Records to me. 🙂

Starting this New Year with a new blog is awesomely exciting for me. Being on WordPress for only over a year, I now feel more confident in maximizing and applying its astonishing features to Patok Filipino which is – compared to this blog – more organized, more concise, and hopefully more impressive.

Dr. Tim Elmore, author of best-selling book, “Habitudes,” said “Even the most introverted person can influence at least 10,000 people in his lifetime.” I definitely don’t want to waste my influence. I want to use it well and that’s another reason why I made the other blog.

To my beloved kababayan’s subscribed here or merely visiting this blog, do check out Patok Filipino. 😉


2 thoughts on “Second New Blog for the New Year

  1. Wow! I didn’t expect a mention when I came to visit today 😆

    I think it’s easier to handle several blogs than just one. Each one has it’s own little space, and that gives me permission to write somethine about everything – whenever I feel like it!

    Thanks for being a faithful visitor in 2011, and many blessings for 2012. May it be a happy and peaceful year, with many inspirational blog posts….


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