“To become a part of the Philippines or world history,” that’s number 7 on my Bucket List. Such a lofty ambition I know so I do my best to achieve it bit by bit, Lord-willing, with the help of the people around me.

One proof is a letter I wrote to our current President about the frequently-flooded road in Marcos Highway.

Logo from http:www.ourawesomeplanet.com
Logo from http:www.ourawesomeplanet.com


Today, I made another poignant letter to Department of Tourism about their latest slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”  after reading about it here. I submitted my suggestions through their Contact section here.

My random act of kindness is also in response to Cassandra’s item# 29 on her “30 Ways to Give More in 2012.”

—————-Letter to Department of Tourism—————-

First, THANK YOU for making this Contact section open to the public even while this website is not yet in its best form. This only proves that our current Department of Tourism (DOT) administration is very accessible and open to the masses’ opinion and is tremendously serious in promoting the welfare of our nation.

I’m not sure what’s in store up ahead for this website, but I’m excited for it and what it can do to help our nation’s tourism and our economy’s welfare as a whole.

I trust that your good office have creative teams and talented pool of people, but here are just a few suggestions from a concerned citizen which you may also want to consider:

1.) Tourist Testimonials

Since the new slogan says: “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” I suggest we put up a page for “Tourist Testimonials” which will highlight excerpts of foreign, local and balik-bayan tourists’ experiences, that will include links to their videoclips, blogs, photos etc. This will also include tourists’ stories that have decided to finally live in the Philippines because of its fun and beauty.

The in-thing today is people getting heard, published and sharing their life experiences with the world. Think about how Facebook and Twitter does this.

2.) Related Websites

Include other websites relevant to Philippine Tourism like government offices, old DOT campaigns etc.

3.) “Famous World Figures Says” page

Highlights information about what famous celebrities said about their visit in the country

4.) Trivia page ala-Believe-It-Or-Not

Will contain details of what people do and can do “only in the Philippines” that is not practiced or cannot be done elsewhere

5.) Other stuff that are not found in http://www.tourism.gov.ph

6.) Question: First Slogan of Its Series?

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said in Philstar.com that this slogan is only first of its series, does that mean that our government will put up new websites per slogan? Wouldn’t it be wiser and cost-efficient to organize just one website and put this all together there?

7.) Contest for Succeeding DOT Slogans

For succeeding DOT slogans, I suggest that you run a contest to engage more people worldwide. The contest in itself will be a very good marketing campaign.

I suggest that the contest will not only require the mere slogan for the season but also concepts on how the slogan would look like, its presentation and marketing.

If it’s not too much a bother, I will appreciate if your office will take time to let me know what you think.

P.S. I just noticed that your “Captcha” words before submitting this are unintelligible like “103, holopic.” Why not require Tagalog words here instead if possible? That’ll make this website more fun which is related to the new slogan. 🙂


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