Insecure people are often avoided, hated, and ridiculed but we’ll always have at least one of its kind within our network. Insecurity is a common problem. Those who have it are either blinded to it or deny it which makes it difficult to detect and resolve. Acceptance though, is the first step to healing.

They have these traits in excessive measure:

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  1. Dominating
  2. Bullying
  3. Self-promoting
  4. Competitive
  5. Jealous
  6. Secretive
  7. Apologetic
  8. People-pleaser
  9. Materialistic
  10. Avoids change

Aside from these, they also have an insatiable need for affirmation, given to manipulation, and are often plagued with some form of addiction. What caused them to have such a debilitating attitude? They may have…

  • Been abused verbally, physically or sexually as a child
  • Critical and disciplinarian authority figures in their lives
  • Experienced repetitive rejection which caused their poor self-esteem

We have heard the lie proclaimed time and again: “There is no cure for the insecure!” But there is and the cure for the insecure is LOVE: the love of God and of people.

No one in this world can make us always feel loved. People will hurt us every now and then but God always loves, gives and forgives. Loving God gives us wisdom, proper perspective and helps us maintain the right attitude for meaningful relationships and success in life.

It will do well for insecure people to plunge themselves into righteous, loving relationships. A company of positive-thinking, values-driven and fun friends or peers will boost the afflicted person’s morale and turn his life around.

Everything is possible with God and with the help of people. Truth is, our relationship with God and people is what makes our life worth living, making us whole and secure.


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